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Audit & Optimization

In order to accommodate exponentially increasing multimedia traffic volumes, the telecom operators have been busy expanding their networks to increase connectivity, coverage and capacity and to ensure smooth migration of transport networks towards IP.

Services Include:

  • Transmission Network Audit
  • Identifying the specific problem areas
  • Existing network review including performance, interference etc.
  • Preliminary network re-design
  • In-depth analysis considering future plan with customer
  • Define the optimized network
  • Final Report


  • Quick resolution of problem links ( fading, interference, link loss )
  • Resolve bottleneck links
  • Optimise network topology
  • Selection of most appropriate equipment
  • Increase link quality and reliability
  • Reduce link losses
  • Network rationalization
  • Reduced equipment required
  • Ensure and plan for future expandability ( Capacity, IP Migration )
  • Improved network reliability
  • Subscriber satisfaction
  • Increasing revenues

Due to recent rapid network deployement to increase coverage and connectivity, some network areas are becoming increasingly complex and are facing link performance degradation due to fading, interference, capacity shortages, etc. NEC can utilize its long experience to optimize overall network quality and reliability and streamlining networks by removing bootlenecks. Network optimization helps, operators to reduce operating cost, improve network serviceability and consequently increase revenue as well as subscriber satisfaction.

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