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About NEC in Turkey

NEC has supplied its first communication equipment to Turkey in the 1960’s.

Since then NEC has been playing a key role in the telecommunications market in Turkey. Especially, as the major supplier for wireless telecommunication equipment, NEC has supplied PASOLINK, an ultra-compact microwave communications system throughout the entire nation.

In addition, various social infrastructure equipments such as Satellite Communication Systems, TV Transmitters, Aviation Radar Systems, Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems and Automated Postal Systems, have been delivered by NEC and are in operation today in Turkey.

During the years, not only have we achieved high reputation through our advanced quality and unsurpassable reliability of our equipment, but also from our comprehensive and professional capability for. total solutions that cover a broad range of non-hardware services, such as product and service customization as well as engineering services and maintenance support.

In 2010, NEC established its new Middle East and North Africa business operations in Turkey. Through the new business operation, NEC aims to meet customers' business needs in the Middle East and North Africa by harnessing local know-how and experience with world-class expertise and knowledge of telecommunications and IT

NEC will be providing its customers in the telecoms, public and enterprise sectors across the Middle East and North Africa with locally driven IT related solutions such as security solutions that include biometric solutions and cloud computing systems, as well as advanced wireless communication solutions such as femtocell solutions.

Almost for 50 years, we have proven our dedication to our customers and the local market and further by using its extensive experience in building highly reliable systems backed by state-of-the-art IT and network technologies, NEC aims to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth.

NEC Telecommunication and Information Technology, Ltd. Şti.

Operation Sales and marketing of IT and Communications products and solutions competence center of small cells solutions for global market.
President Naoki Nakamura
Location NEC Turkey operate in 3 countries ( Egypt, Algeria )
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