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Spare Management & Repair

NEC provides a broad back-up support in terms of repair, logistics and storage of all spares, through any/every phase of the project. By minimizing turn around times, Regional Technical Center aims a zero fault rate for the NEC equipment in the network.

Services Include:

  • Estimating spare amounts based on project size, equipment MTBF and customer’s spare strategy.
  • Maintaining emergency case or all project related spares in NEC’s warehouse.
  • Performing 1st. Level repair services in assurance with NEC’s Quality Standards.
  • Continious guiding and supporting of the customers on efficient and proper use of the equipment to reduce their operational costs.
  • Logistic support and follow-up for faulty equipment.
  • Maintaining all project spares on behalf of the customer, to obtain zero turn around time period.

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