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Network Design and Plan

NEC undertakes design of client’s backhaul networks utilizing expert skills and advanced software, in accordance with the latest ITU standards. The design is based on NEC’s extensive know –how gained from substantial field experience around the globe, as the world’s leading supplier of microwave transmission solutions.

Services Include:

  • Site Selection and Network Topology Planning
  • Link Performance Calculations
  • Interference Calculations
  • Effective Frequency Assigment and Planning
  • Capacity and Quality objectives
  • Traffic modelling
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Core Network, including ATM, IP, SDH, etc.
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials for both initial and final plans

NEC offer optimal design solutions, considering both the current status, short- and medium-term objectives and strategic direction of your network, based on years of design know-how and technical expertise.

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