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NEC's Femtocell Solutions

Energizing your life with a Femtocell Premium Services

Lifestyle Passport

NEC’s Femtocell will “energize your lifestyle” providing a more convenient, intuitive and user-friendly service to the consumer. The Femtocell will provide a seamless, always on and presence service in conjunction with mobile core network. Also, it will enhance its features mounting home networking and entertainment functions.
These “Premium Values” will provide Operators other chances for revenue uplift.

Femtocell application services

NEC is one of the leading ICT Company providing integrated solutions of IT and Network technology globally. Since Femtocell system has a lot of potential to be a service enabler, NEC's next challenge is to realise valuable services through Femtocell. NEC's thick IT and Network technology backbone and experiences contribute to enhance the solution.

The key concept of NEC's Femtocell solution is enabling various operators' service through Femtocell. NEC Femtocell can send user's network access information (So called "Camp-on" information) to operators core network and also provide the user some services depend on the end user's preference and/or location of Femtocell.

NEC is open to discuss Femto services and ready to show the roadmap in line with service requirement from each customer.

NEC provides Femto Service Platform and Open-API GW which interwork with Femtocell GW. Through this platform, Mobile Network Operator ("MNO") can provide several Femto services. Besides, Open-API GW allows 3rd Party Application Server to connect to the Femtocell system, MNO can expand their service varieties.

(e.g. MNO can realise the same service under Macro network in collaboration with existing Service Application and/or provide innovative service working with 3rd Party Service Providers.)

Femto+Service Platform solutions

Home networking solution

NEC believes combination Femtocell and home gateway has huge potential to enhance users' quality of life at home. The one box solution Femtocell and home gateway improve 3G network coverage and capacity at home and at the same time all users' devices can be connected seamlessly. Users can enjoy interactive communication between their mobile handset and home devices without any special setting.

Femto+Home Gateway solution image