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NEC's Femtocell Solutions


NEC Femtocell has numerous benefits. Here we show three examples of benefits which NEC Femtocell is ready to provide.

Operators' benefits

Thanks to flexibility and small footprint of Femtocell AP (FAP), operators are able to enjoy significant cost reduction. (e.g. Reducing investment to Macro and huge cost reduction of backhaul/site acquisition/power consumption.)

Besides a better customer experience under a Femtocell network, the Femtocells have the ability to extend the customer's lifetime with an existing operator. It can grow business opportunities with a digital home solution, generating new revenue streams.

Femtocell Opportunities

Key benefits for operators

  • Improve 3G coverage indoors by having accesspoint.
  • Create network capacity wherever needed.
  • Improve macro network QoS by offloading traffic.
  • Reduce cost of service delivery through use of subscriber assets such as DSL, site and power.
  • Improved QoS and lower tariffs - enhancing customer retention and reducing churn.
  • Enhanced acquisition through capturing whole families on the network.
  • Further stimulate premium data services by removing cost and convenience barrier at home.

End-users' benefits

Today's consumer is hard to please, expecting a 'killer experience' from their mobile phones. The consumers' behaviour is changing rapidly and we now see around 70 per cent of mobile calls being made in buildings. Femtocells not only improve voice quality of these calls, but increase data performance, allowing seamless, fast access to the rapidly growing applications for our mobiles, for example, social networking service, streaming downloads and so on.
NEC Femtocell benefit brings various benefits to end-user such as key benefits on the bottom of the chart.

Femtocell Opportunities

Key benefits for end-user's

  • Excellent coverage wherever Femtocell is placed. Easier and more secure than UMA solution.
  • Improved user experience of data services thanks to dedicated capacity for Femtocell users.
  • Expanded services thru Femtocell device. (e.g. home networking, application service.)
  • Simplified billing - Bundled billing with mobile/broadband/other services.
  • Expanded services thru Femtocell device. (e.g. home networking, application service.)

SOHO/Small&Medium enterprises' benefits

As workers become increasingly dependent on mobile devices to do their job, it is important for them to be able to make calls and use data wherever they are. Femtocells offer a 'plug and play' device with a highly flexible and secure network. It allows a SOHO/SME to establish an office environment equivalent to large-scale enterprises wherever they are and leads to a reduction in CAPEX and OPEX.

Key benefits for SoHo/SME users

Group management among Femtocells

  • Intelligent interference management and more secure network than UMA solution.
  • Easy to move and set up 3G network thanks to Plug and Play.
  • Flexible access control by employees / groups / visitors.
  • Minimise office facility cost.
    • Existing mobile handset can be applicable.
    • Can start with only 1 handset and expand network size as you grow.
  • Equivalent services to existing solution.
    • Local PBX function and mobility support.