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Public Light Management Solutions

The Public Light Management Solutions can reduce the energy usage for lighting systems through efficiency improvements and a more rational use of energy. Through this system it is possible to control either each lamp, or groups of lamps, and modulate the light intensity to adapt it moment by moment as needed, without waste and without inefficiencies, while maintaining the state of visual comfort and luminance desired.

The solution allows to:

  • Check ON and OFF of each lamp or lamp groups, and modulate the intensity and automatically programmed - for innovative services and energy savings;
  • Detecting the operating status of the individual lamps and communication of a malfunction or failure in order to plan a maintenance intervention - for a higher reliability and safety of users and lower operating costs;
  • Dividing the network into sections in order to adapt the light of the different sections / points with light-defined variables (location, user flows, time, etc.) - for optimal management of the system;
  • Measurement of each lamp consumption and detection of some parameters such as the Active Power, Reactive Power and RMS;
Public Lighting

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