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Security Solutions

NEC have been delivering robust biometric solutions for over 30 years and are independently verified as being among the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification.

Biometrics technology has matured rapidly over recent years, and the use of it in security and authentication applications and processes is becoming increasingly more common. Security and public safety uses have been the driving factor behind the development and adoption.

However, the commercial sector is also now beginning to see the potential gains to be had in recognising an individual on an opt-in basis without the need for any interaction, and it is increasingly being incorporated into commercial applications which utilise the authentication and monitoring capabilities for less critical deployments.

NEC’s Face Recognition is a robust application which captures real time video input, before assessing, matching and reacting on the data by triggering some form of work flow process, alert or mechanical action. NEC has built a number of use applications around its NeoFace Face Recognition software designed for use in both public security and commercial environments. These include:

  • Access Control
  • Secure area monitoring
  • Queue Management
  • VIP identification