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Software M-Series


NEC Storage software is a group of software programs that allow users to manage NEC Storage series disk array and to control functions of the disk array. These storage management and control functions provided by the software offer a wide range of solutions for the storage.

(1) Storage Management Software

  • Integrated Management/Device Management : Manages configuration and status of the storage.
  • Performance Management : Provides integrated management of information on performance and capacity of the storage, database and file system, enabling users to operate the storage efficiently.
  • Replication Management : Cooperates with storage control or replication control software and provides a variety of solutions for operations of storage such as backup.

(2) Storage Control Software

Storage Control : Controls configuration and status of the storage with Storage control software(*).

(*) Storage control software Storage control software consists of NEC Storage Manager Express, Storage OS and Firmware.- This software program is responsible for basic control of a disk array such as controlling Host interfaces,- Disks, RAID, Logical Disks and Caches.

  • Replication Control : Creates a copy of a volume within the storage and enhances integrity and operability of the data without interrupting the online operations.
  • Resource Control : Achieves effective management and operation of the storage by controlling resources in the storage such as a function to control power supply of disk drives.
  • HighAvailability : Achieves creation of a high-availability system that uses load balancing or data retention- functions.

Support Matrix

Support Matrix M Series : iSM 7.3

M-Series iSM7.3 Matrix


**1 : NEC Storage Manager Suite includes the following functions.

  • NEC Storage Manager
  • NEC Storage Manager Integration Base

**2 : Bundled with NEC Storage Manager Suite.

**3 : Bundled with NEC BaseProduct.

**4 : NEC Storage PerformanceMonitor and NEC Storage PerformanceNavigator are bundled.

**5 : NEC BaseProduct includes the following functions.

  • NEC Storage Manager
  • NEC Storage Manager Express
  • NEC Storage Manger Integration Base
  • NEC Storage AccessControl - NEC Storage StoragePowerConserver - NEC Storage ThinProvisioning

**6 : The disk array shipped with the licence unlocked.

**7. NEC Storage ControlCommand includes the following functions.

  • ReplicationControl
  • SnapControl
  • ProtectControl
  • PowerControl

Usage rights of NEC Storage ControlCommand are granted with the purchase of any of the following product.

  • NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication
  • NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication
  • NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous
  • NEC Storage VolumeProtect

**8 : Only Linux and Windows are supported.

**9. NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication and NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication Express include NEC Storage DynamicSnapVolume.

**10 : Only FC models are supported.

**11 : Only Linux is supported.

**12 : Only FC connection (more than 2Gbps) is supported between source and destination disk array. iSCSI/SAS are not supported.

**13 : Bundled with M100 Disk Array.


The following diagrams illustrate products that are bundled with NEC Storage Manager Suite, bundled with NEC Storage BaseProduct, bundled with a disk array, Optional products and Storage Control Software for NEC M series.

M-Series Illustration