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The Flexible Workgroup Server

The Value Server for high-growth small and medium-sized businesses

The NEC Express5800/T120b-E tower server is a dual-processor rackmount designed to deliver performance, modularity and simplicity for distributed IT and workgroup applications and increasingly changing environments.


It offers an optimized design and exceptional energy efficiency to answer current and future needs businesses. The server NEC Express5800/T120b-E is an excellent choice to ensure a flawless reliability, in addition, it offers excellent value for money.


Designed for

  • Small and Medium businesses
  • Public bodies (health, research, administrations)
  • Corporate and large organizations with distributed IT
  • Remote branch offices

Perfectly suited for

  • File/printing servers
  • Infrastructure servers (Domain servers, DNS servers, DHCP, Active Directory)
  • Applications with local databases and e-mail
  • Collaborative suites (Lotus Notes, Intranet, techno watch).

Thanks to key features

  • Support for new 32nm Dual/Quad/Six core Intel® Xeon® CPUs
  • New powerful RAID solution
  • Integrated IPMI 2.0 Management and remote management card with KVM over IP and remote media features
  • Up to 8 HotSwap SAS 2,5” HDD
  • 8 FB-Dimm slots, up to 192 GB RAM
  • 80+ power supply
  • VMware support
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Key Benefits

High level of performance with the latest technology

  • Large choice of Intel® Xeon® 32nm Dual/Quad/Six core processors (5500 Series)
  • So companies can benefit from 40% to 130% performance gain compared to the older generation with an energy efficiency improvement, exceptional speed processing applications.
  • Extension of memory capacity, the server supports up to 192GB DDR3 1066Mhz
  • Extended storage capacity up to 8 disks SAS 2.5’’ (maximum 4 disks 3.5’’)

Data protection for evolving businesses

To ensure and protect the availability and data security, the NEC server Express5800/T120b-E includes new features. The server reliability is guaranteed

  • A new ultra-efficient RAID controller to increase data security (128 or 256MB cache with optional battery backup unit) with possibility of RAID packs 0, 1, 10, 5, 6
  • Optional redundant HotSwap power supplies for continuous operation and increased efficiency
  • Wide choice of backup solution LTO, DAT to facilitate data backup, restoration and archiving.

Complete management solution

For easy installation and deployment:

  • Integrated management controller (IPMI 2.0)
  • Optional advanced remote management card with KVM over IP andRemote Media features
  • « ExpressBuilder » Simple from the first time you use it! ExpressBuilder is a new installation and configuration tool, included as standard in the NEC Express5800/T120b-E server, it allows quick and easy configuration as well as it facilitates the system maintenance.

NEC Advantages

A 40% reduction of energy consumption

In line with NEC "Green IT" policy, based on intelligent energy consumption, the NEC Express5800/T120b-E uses less energy.

  • Certified "80+" power supply, the NEC Express5800/T120b-E is consuming less energy and is able to maintain cooler internal temperatures. It offers a more efficient system with optimized TCO.
  • NEC Express5800/T120b-E gets the most out of the power of the new generation of Intel® Xeon® Series 5500 45nm multi core processors. This means that companies can benefit from a 40% to 130% increase in performance and a reduction in energy consumption of around 40%.

Remote management

The NEC Express5800/T120b-E server presents a great simplicity of implementation, administration and increasing power, ensuring a better use and greater cost control. Indeed, it has an integrated management controller (IPMI 2.0) with an optional remote management card to generate a level of maximum productivity and to enable teams to limit their interventions, thus minimizing the assistance and administration costs.

The software suite provides operational and management features, remote access and intervention through a LAN (KVM over IP, Remote Media) and installation/configuration tools.

Modular server

The NEC Express5800/T120b-E is the only server on the market with full modularity in terms of disks (SAS/SATA) and a fixed or redundant power supply. It provides an ideal compromise between flexibility, performance and configuration capacities.

This technology enables spectacular bandwidth savings on the disks. It allocates a dedicated bandwidth per disk, with a maximum theoretical speed that can reach up to 3Gb/s or 384Mb/s.

Universal RAID simplicity

The NEC Express5800/T120b-E protects business critical data thanks to the new robust and cost-effective SAS/SATA RAID solution: 8 ports SAS RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 with 128MB or 256MB cache with or without Battery Backup Unit.

  • One controller able to manage SAS and SATA drives in 2,5 " or 3,5 " HDD.
  • Possibility of mixing SAS and SATA disks on the same backplane.
  • Unique RAID management software available across all product range server under Windows and Linux.

The NEC Express5800/T120b-E offers critical business applications unequalled data protection capabilities.