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The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 is an innovative two-socket server based on an energy efficient design and the Intel Xeon 5600 Series. The R120b-2 rack server is one of the first servers to benefit from the performance boost from Intel latest chip technology. The R120b-2 also benefits from NEC’s innovative energy efficiency and additional space for storage and PCI expansion in its 2U format.

The NEC server is designed for application compatibility and high availability in a wide choice of configurations. With very high quality ratings the NEC R120b-2 server can outlast other servers, delivering the best overall total cost of ownership and excellent value.

High Performance

Taking advantage of performance optimization for virtualized environments using the new Intel processors, the NEC R120b-2 can achieve significant throughput performance improvement over the previous models. The R120b-2 includes Intel’s Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) technology to increase performance through efficient memory access. Peak performance enables greater efficiency to run your standard applications, clustered applications, databases, and popular hypervisor platform solutions making your data center dynamic, manageable, and energy efficient in the most extensive virtualized environments.

Energy Efficiency

NEC’s Green Cooling Technology help minimize the required power consumption on the NEC R120b-2 server. It also can automate power usage for more effective data center consolidation benefits. Green Cooling Technology is based on the server’s thermal environment, workload, and configuration, such as dynamic fan control and other innovations. In addition, the R120b-2 next generation power supply is 80 PLUS certified1 energy efficient, delivering greater power efficiency to save energy as compared to previous models.

High Quality & Value

The NEC R120b-2 is a high quality servers coming from a company with a reputation to deliver the latest Intel-based technology. This ensures that your servers will run at their maximum designed performance over the life of its service. Additionally, NEC offers the longest warranty program for the R120b-2 server as compared to other vendor’s server in its class, resulting in excellent value. With value designed to compete NEC delivers high quality energy efficient servers at a minimum total cost of ownership.

Key benefits

Server dedicated to virtualization

Thanks to its exceptional performance and virtualization capacities (VMware®, Citrix® or Microsoft®), NEC Express5800/R120b-2 is a solution optimized for installing, deploying, and managing multiple applications on the same platform more quickly.

This leads to:

  • energy savings,
  • optimized hardware costs
  • reduced maintenance costs.

Made to measure – updates on demand

NEC Express5800/R120b-2 has the best capacity for expansion on the market. It makes it easier to update the IT infrastructure as business requirements change. Customers can choose the server design and functions that are best suited to their IT environment.

  • Dual/quad/six-core processors (5600 series) designed with future developments in mind
  • Supports up to twelve 2.5” SAS disk drives giving 7.2TB of storage capacity or six 3.5” SATA disk drives with 12TB
  • Supports up to 12 DIMM memory slots
  • 5 available PCI slots
  • One 3.5” device bay is available for a backup storage device, providing a high level of data protection.

Simplified installation

  • The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 is supplied with the new “One Touch” tool-free rail kit as standard. It is a rapid deployment rail system for easy installation and immediate server access.
  • Same RAID controller supported throughout the server range for a more homogeneous installed base, especially for ease of configuration and operations management.
  • The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 server supports a range of different operating systems including Windows Server 2008R2/2008/2003R2, Red Hat Linux, SuSE SLES, VMWare.

Powerful and improved remote management solutions

  • New remote management version integrated as standard reduces the complexity of managing IT systems. It delivers remote access, visualization, repairs and updates for operating systems.This solution delivers enhanced RAS functions and optimized management costs. It simplifies management of the Express5800/R120b-2 server and its various operations.
  • 3 LANs available as standard including 1 dedicated to system administration.
  • Integrated power supply control module New functions supplied as standard in all 2 and 4-socket NEC servers. This new technology is an integrated real-time power control module which allows you to monitor and analyse the server’s electricity consumption with two customer benefits: optimization of TCO and an improved environmental policy.

Benefits of NEC

Reduce energy consumption by 40% and control costs

Intelligent consumption with more savings!

With intelligent energy consumption and tailored performance levels, the new NEC Express5800/R120b-2 complies with NEC’s Green IT policy and allows you to make savings at the same time.

  • Its power efficiency is 80 PLUS® GOLD certified which means it consumes less energy while helping to keep the internal temperature low. This results in maximum system efficiency with a power conversion rate of 92% with optimized TOC.
  • It supports various dedicated low-energy components in particular 80 PLUS power supplies, the low-voltage series of processors and SSD flash drives which provide much faster access than standard hard disks.
  • It fully exploits the power of the new generation of multi-core Intel® Xeon® 5600 Series 32nm processors, in particular the low voltage series designed to increase performance per watt. This noticeably improves the energy conversion rate and provides exceptional processing speed. Performance is improved by between 40% and 130% compared with the previous generation.
  • It supports Green Cooling technology, thereby minimizing the energy used to cool the system in line with the temperature of its environment, the workload and the configuration. This adjusts the fan rotation speed to the heat emitted by the system. Superfluous noise is also reduced.
  • A new Power Control Technology feature is supplied as standard in the NEC Express5800/R120b-2. This is a tool for managing energy consumption that monitors and optimizes electricity consumption at any given moment for a single server or a group of platforms.

Easy remote management

Controlled server administration

The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 is supplied as standard with the new and improved complete remote management solution EXPRESSSCOPE® Engine 2 and ESMPRO®. It allows you to monitor and control the operation of each server remotely via a Web browser regardless of the status of the OS and even when the platform is shut down. This limits the intervention required by technical teams, which minimizes support and administration costs, downtime and the company’s energy consumption. It also speeds up server deployment.

This integrated software suite provides remote access functions over a LAN (KVM on IP, remote media, graphics console), inventories, software and patch deployment, fault diagnostics and repair via alerts, and server group management. This solution brings total availability to the server and efficiency of operation for a better TCO.

“ExpressReport” .

“ExpressReport” proactive alert maintenance and early intervention service.

This optional service aims to considerably reduce system downtime by automatically detecting problems via the “NEC Maintenance Center” service, and analysing and correcting system failures proactively.

“Express Update” continuous update service.

This integrated server functionality verifies installed versions (BMC, BIOS, Firmware, RAID SW, management software, etc.) on one or more servers and notifies administrators when new versions are available, so that these can be updated automatically.

The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 server has an installation and configuration tool included in ExpressBuilder as standard. It allows you to configure the server quickly and easily and keep the system up to date.

Ultra-compact platform

Highly adaptable and flexible, the NEC Express5800/R120b-2 based on Intel architecture is an ultra-compact 2U rack server providing an excellent combination of internal expansion capacity and density.

The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 is the solution to your business’s increasing demand for availability and reliability of applications and data in a much reduced space.

RAID simplicity

The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 server protects your business’s critical data with the robust and affordable new SAS/SATA RAID solution: RAID SAS 8 ports 0, 1, 5, 6 with 128MB, 256MB or 512MB cache with or without hot plug.

  • The controller is capable of managing 2.5” and 3.5” SAS and SATA/SSD disk drives.
  •  The two models are available in version 2.5" SAS or 3.5" SATA.
  •  Unique RAID administration software available for the entire Windows and Linux range of servers.

The NEC Express5800/R120b-2 offers unrivalled capabilities for protecting data in the most demanding professional applications.