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High Availability

All the companies, according to their size and business sector, do not have the same needs in term of security and guarantee of service. The NEC VirtualPCCenter solution works with various components which allow to adapt the level of High Availability of your desktops to your constraints...


Main component of VirtualPCCenter solution, SigmaSystemCenter is a fantastic and very comprehensive administration tool which manages both the hardware and software part of the solution. It optimises use of the servers by allocating resources dynamically depending on configurable rules.

The management of workloads is automated and SigmaSystemCenter has a preventive role: without waiting for a breakdown, a material alert on a virtual PC server will automatically activate the migration of the virtual machines on another server insuring the users a high availability of their VM and the maintenance team a more serene intervention.

Advantages in a virtualized environment

Reduced workload

Integrated management of heterogeneous virtualized environments is possible. Using NEC SigmaSystemCenter, the operation is the same regardless of the virtualization platform, be it VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer, or Microsoft Hyper-V, providing an easy learning curve. Management of heterogeneous virtualized environments is realized without sacrificing productivity.

Optimum resource allocation

Optimum load distribution is maintained at all times thanks to NEC‘s platform management technology. Upon detection of a high load, virtual machines are reallocated through live migration.

Ensuring maximum availability

NEC SigmaSystemCenter monitors failure of hardware and software of virtualization host servers. It can detect impending hardware failure conditions and avoid system downtime by transparently moving virtual machines to another healthy host server using live migration. When a virtual machine stops running, it is restarted on an alternative healthy virtualization host server for a quick recovery. Availability from physical servers to application process levels can also be ensured through combined use with NEC ExpressCluster (high availability software).

Power and utilization optimization

In the case of multiple running host servers with low utilization levels virtual machines can be automatically moved to consolidate to fewer running host servers to improve the overall utilization of the running host servers. In addition, a running host server can be automatically shut down when the number of virtual machines running on it reaches zero to reduce power consumption. When utilization across the running host servers rises above set threshold, one or more powered off host servers can be started automatically and the running virtual machines can be moved to them to reduce overall utilization below the set threshold.

NEC FaultTolerant

The usage of a NEC FaultTolerant server to host the VPCC management server will guarantee equipment availability of 99,999 %... that is to say on average less than 5 minutes of unplanned interruption per year, including time necessary for repairs, updates, and general maintenance.


Operational Simplicity

With the support of leading operating systems providers, FT servers implement redundancy at the hardware level, reducing failures to notifications and indicator light status. This approach significantly reduces the complexity associated with other forms of high availability such as clustering systems. It also simplifies system management and recovery operations, since administration and configurations are performed as a single system view.

99,999% system Availability

Total element redundancy

Easy maintenance

Modular concept: each module can be identified, and easily extracted without calling upon particular expertise and requiring use of specific tools.

Standard components and software

The components (Processors, memory, hard disks, expander cards) used are the same ones as those found in a standard Intel server. Because of this, NEC is now able to offer fault tolerant solutions at reasonable price.

The Windows applications (Exchange, SQL server, SharePoint, etc...) used are identical to those installed on a standard server, therefore there is no need to modify them.

Economic solution

Less expensive than a “cluster” based server. As there is only one copy of applications, there is no need for the server to be “cluster-aware”.

Unprecedented fault tolerance

Achieving near-zero downtime is for mission-critical businesses that cannot afford a single moment of failure. NEC Fault Tolerant (FT) servers deliver exceptional uptime through dual modular hardware redundancy and help maximize your business outcomes.

The NEC Express5800/ft series servers provide high availability through hardware redundancy in all components: CPU, memory, I/O, hard disk drives, and cooling fans.

ExpressCluster X

This software ExpressCluster X,is an ideal addition to the fault tolerant server for clustering the management server on a remote website, thereby enabling VPCCs to operate even in the event of a physical disaster at the main site. For multinational companies, NEC offers to set up a second datacenter to guarantee disaster recovery as soon as possible in the event of a serious disaster...



ExpressCluster is a scalable High Availability (HA) clustering solution. It can cluster up to 32 nodes and supports your IT system environment with host of flexible functions.

ExpressCluster is well fit with complex LAN and WAN environment, comprising of physical and virtual servers as well as multiple cluster configuration. Almost any application/database running on Windows or Linux platforms can be protected and covered by ExpressCluster.


ExpressCluster is designed to support latest technologies. ExpressCluster is one of the first software to demonstrate clustering on Microsoft Hyper-V Platform. It also supports other standard virtualization platforms like VMware Server ESX and Xen.

ExpressCluster is the first clustering software to implement Hybrid Clustering, i.e. mirroring of data in a shared disk for both LAN and WAN Environments.

In order to respond to the environmental issues, ExpressCluster also provides power management functions to enable Green IT systems.


Data Protection

Robust disk mirroring capabilities including both synchronous and asynchronous mirroring modes. With flexible support for multiple configurations, ExpressCluster enables up to 99.99% data availability.

  • Ensuring data on both servers always synchronized and protected.
  • Multiple split-brain detection and resolution techniques to maintain data integrity.
  • Fast data mirroring technology replicating only updated blocks

High Availability (HA)

ExpressCluster ensures High Availability (HA) to application and data in local area networks (LAN).
With full clustering capabilities and unique synchronous data mirroring technology, it delivers reliable data protection at all times.

  • Fast automated recovery against hardware and software failures minimizes unplanned downtime.
  • Support for low cost standard applications and hardware minimizes total cost of ownership.
  • Easy application and data workload migration minimizes planned downtime.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Powerful disaster recovery capabilities for business critical transactional applications and data.
It ensures near-instant recovery after system failure for full data protection, even over standard T1 WAN spanning hundreds of miles.

  • Fast application recovery with virtually no data loss maximizes business continuity.
  • Unified disaster recovery solution for multiple application systems magnifies manageability.
  • Support for standard application, OS, server, storage and network minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO).

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