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Hosted Virtual Desktop for SMB

Companies are constantly trying to streamline their PC fleet. Virtual infrastructure is the best way to achieve this goal and its implementation can be simple, flexible and economical with ...

The RackNDV Bundle

After the success of the NEC and Neocoretech FlexNDV solution, NEC proposes now a new "Entry" solution with RackNDV for smaller businesses between 10 and 50 users.

  • The RackNDV bundle combines the affordable rack server NEC Express5800 R120-b1 with the Neocoretech Desktop Virtualisation software solution and promises a ROI in less than 1 year, with an unmatched acquisition cost in the domain of desktop virtualization.
  • NEC proposes two RackNDV configurations : one for up to 20 users and a second for up to 50 users, with a friendly "drag and drop" based management console. In this case, the server will provide all the key system functions : virtualization, hosting the virtual PCs and connection management .
  • The RackNDV solution allows a rapid deployment of tens of virtual PCs customizable and secured by a single image.

For a number of users higher than 50, NEC recommends FlexNDV.

High Availability

To benefit of High Availability, a second server is just needed.

High availability within the NDV is managed in a way that is transparent for administrator and users alike. In a high availability configuration, key system functions are active on each server, and servers provide mutual backup in the event an incident arises.

The solution offers permanent automatic data synchronization (configuration and templates) between servers. Service levels are unaffected if one server goes down.


Advantages of the NEC RackNDV solution

The NEC RackNDV is perfect for small businesses between 10 and 50 users. Through a centralized infrastructure, users access a complete fleet of secure, customizable and isolated desktop PC’s, in which they can easily run their applications in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Linux environments.

These virtual PCs are accessed via thin client terminals which are cheaper in terms of daily management, can be easily exchanged in the event of a technical failure and are more secure than fat clients.

Company data is secured through the datacenter and remains accessible regardless of geographical location.

  • Simplicity : a fully integrated solution, installed in a few minutes with an intuitive drag and drop administration
  • Optimal security : High availability hardware with redundant power supply and high availability simply with 2 servers
  • Flexibility : operates with different OS : Microsoft, Linux.